These terms apply to all orders placed on The Pantry Catering and meals subsequently supplied unless we agree otherwise in writing.  Please read them carefully before placing your orders.

Definitions and Interpretation

  1. “You” means the person placing food orders.
  2. “Meal recipient” means the child or adult who will receive the meal in school and who is having orders placed on his or her behalf.
  3. “Our website” means
  4. “We”, “us”, “our” means The Pantry Catering, supplies meals and services at your school.
  5. “Your school” means the school at which the person who will be receiving the ordered meals and services currently attends.

Your account

Meal delivery

For items you have pre-ordered

Accompaniments and desserts.

What we will provide

What constitutes a ‘suitable alternative’

Meal supplied after the cut off time

If you missed the cut off time to place an order, the following option may apply:

Fish bones

Your choice as a customer


When supplying refunds, they will be calculated on the basis that the main course accounts for 60% of the meal price and the dessert 40%. If a dessert is not part of the offer, the main course will account for 100% of the price

If you have credit on your account and would like it returned to you this can be arranged.  Requests for refunds should be sent to and refunds will be processed within 5 working days.


We operate a no debt policy so if your child/children are provided with a meal and there are insufficient funds on the account these must be settled with 5 working days. Failure to do this could result in your child/children’s accounts being suspending thus cancelling any further bookings and no further meals will be provided until the existing debt is cleared.

Special diets

Advance notice of changes to the menu


Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously, and our Privacy Policy is detailed in a separate document. The Privacy Policy document is available by clicking here. If you have any difficulty finding it, please just contact us using the details below.

Contacting us

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Our Business

Our Business

Doing our part to reduce waste

We don't like waste here at The Pantry, so we've been working with our community to make sure that no good food is binned. At the end of each day, any left-over food is given away to our local church for the homeless whilst left-over bread is supplied to a local farm to feed their animals.

Our Business

The Pantry partner with local farm for eggs

We believe that wherever possible, ingredients should be sourced as local as possible, thats why we've partnered with a local farm to provide us with our eggs.

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