Customised Hampers

We provide thousands of food hampers every month for our customers, from a single birthday hamper to bulk orders for our blue-chip commercial clients

The Pantry have a collection of hampers to help celebrate any occasion in style, with personalised items available in every box. From birthday celebrations to corporate gifts, afternoon tea to graduations – we’ll create a hamper that’s perfect for you!

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Our Business

Our Business

Doing our part to reduce waste

We don't like waste here at The Pantry, so we've been working with our community to make sure that no good food is binned. At the end of each day, any left-over food is given away to our local church for the homeless whilst left-over bread is supplied to a local farm to feed their animals.

Our Business

The Pantry partner with local farm for eggs

We believe that wherever possible, ingredients should be sourced as local as possible, thats why we've partnered with a local farm to provide us with our eggs.

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