Fresh, Healthy Food for Growing Minds

Just like you, we're parents, and there's nothing more important to us than seeing the children we feed get served the nutritious food they deserve.

  • Simple All of the meals we serve your children have been kept as simple as possible, using the same ingredients you'd find at home.
  • Fresh We hand make all of our lunches that morning
  • Nutritious Every one of our recipes has been carefully selected to provide your child with the nutrition their growing bodies need.
  • Quality We insist on the highest quality ingredients, from fresh fruit and veg to red tractor approved, grade A meat.

Your Schools Perfect Partner

So, what makes The Pantry the Perfect Partner for your School?

Sneak a Peak at our Menu's

Sustainably Sourcing British Ingredients for Our Children

Just like you, we're parents, and there's nothing more important to us than seeing the children we feed get served the nutritious food they deserve.

Food for Life Gold

The Pantry is very proud to offer a Food for Life Gold standard menu to our Schools and we are the ONLY Company within the Hillingdon Borough that offers this prestigious award.

‘A Food for Life Served Here’ Award means that The Pantry only serve local, fresh and honest food cooked by teams who really care about quality and ingredients, in a setting that takes our customer’s health and wellbeing seriously. It means our staff and customers know that the majority of food on the menu is freshly prepared, free from undesirable trans fat, sweetners and additives, and is cooked by trained staff who use ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources.

Key Points
  • Over 75% of our menu is made from scratch
  • Our bread is handmade by our experienced chef’s
  • Waste is monitored and kept to a minimum
  • All children have access to a fresh salad bar
  • Fresh fruit is available every day
  • All of our desserts are fruit or vegetable based
  • We use whole grain flour in our hand made breads

Special Diets and Allergies

If your child has a specific dietary need due to a medical condition, The Pantry are more than happy to help. If you would like your child to have a School Meal, with your help, we can design a bespoke menu.

Higher than Required Standards

The Soil Association’s inspection report at The Pantry said: ‘So uplifting to see The Pantry’s approach. When you stand back, the company’s impact is something to celebrate andas the menu says, ‘thoughtful food sourcing’ that goes well beyond the standards required.’

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Our Business

Our Business

Doing our part to reduce waste

We don't like waste here at The Pantry, so we've been working with our community to make sure that no good food is binned. At the end of each day, any left-over food is given away to our local church for the homeless whilst left-over bread is supplied to a local farm to feed their animals.

Our Business

The Pantry partner with local farm for eggs

We believe that wherever possible, ingredients should be sourced as local as possible, thats why we've partnered with a local farm to provide us with our eggs.

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